Our Ciders

Crafted with care on a farm older than America itself,
the spirit of those first revolutionaries shines through in our ciders.

Connecticut Yankees were vital to the success of General Washington’s campaigns
against the British forces in both Boston and New York, and it was hard cider
that kept them in good spirits and in good health.

It was a revolution fueled by cider, and now it’s cider’s turn for a revolution: Enjoy a recapturing of traditional fermentation practices with Yankee Hard Ciders.

Our ciders are crafted with a select blend of apples harvested at
Staehly Farms in East Haddam, Connecticut. High quality yeast strains
are used to help ensure a delicious and high-quality product.

We like our ciders on the drier side, meaning that they have a low sugar content.
Such a style is customary of the type of cider that was served in colonial New England.


We presently offer four regular-production ciders:

New England Dry - A dry hard cider (0.5% Residual Sugar)
made with McIntosh, Honeycrisp, and Delicious apples

Honeycrisp Blend - An off-dry hard cider (3% Residual Sugar)
made with Honeycrisp apples and a minor selection

of Delicious and McIntosh apples

Captain Coit Blueberry - An off-dry hard cider (3% Residual Sugar)
made from a co-fermentation of apples and blueberries

Rochambeau's March Raspberry - An off-dry hard cider (3% Residual Sugar)
made from a co-fermentation of apples and raspberries

As we move forward and expand our production facility we hope to experiment
with wild yeast strains, wild-harvest apples, and single varietal ciders as well.


YANKEE Cider Company - Staehly Farm Winery

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